Who That Kid?


NuBreeze, NuBreeze, NuBreeze…
Damn who that kid? (NuBreeze) – Givin’ u the hot shit – Special delivery specially designed all night all live – How u feelin’ tonight (alright)
Alright alright here we go again – My favorite time o’ the year introduced by the dopest band – Summertime the groove’s hot but still I’m cool as a fan – Though always close 2 the fans callin’ u fam – 2 make sure in advance when I’m in the house next time – u’re gonna be freein’ ur mind – I never pretend 2 be anyone but me myself & I – Make sure we still gon’ rise although we 3 feet tall already – Sometimes I feel like we ain’t never gon’ fall y’all ready – 4 a steady beat played live & direct – Bass on top trombone in the back – & a perfectionist who directs the band like Spike Lee – Droppin’ classics continuously when I be on the mic – Lyrics just appear 2 be in my mind so clear – Cuz in there u can’t find no fear so
Cheer up forget about ur past – We’re here 2 bring u the vibes that gon’ last – 2 enlighten u without frighten u cats – Till u feel this deep inside o’ ur chest – NuBreeze, NuBreeze, NuBreeze…
This is the start of a whole new era – NuBreeze new style new wheels new highs – New lows on a 9 string never-before-seen bass – Takin’ u 2 a place u’d never even thought u’d know – Cool show hot ladies new flow from the soul – 2 the body & back NuBreeze-rap-History-class – this is the jazz-Soul-funky-hip-hop-top-notch-pop-lock-non-stop-cold-rock – 4 y’all 2 start noddin’ yo head – & bump this shit till your dad ask u 2 turn the stereo down – Till he get wrapped up 2 the sound – Comin’ from the speakers cuz we preach stuff – Even he can relate 2 – & now he know it’s too late 2 turn around – & now u know it’s too late 2 turn around – Band TURNAROUND!

Want U


I just want 2 make U dance – I just want 2 hold U – I just want 2 see U Smile- I just I just Want U
Yo – ounjolo na monwé d’akpa tché wè la – Ounjolo na monwé do Taka tchémin – Ounjolo na monwé d’Alô tchémin la – Wa na encourager wé – Wanini wê se midokpô – Mahou wê se midokpô – Hangbe wê minondji – Awajè milê nondé – Yê kodo Cœur tchémin tegbê – Gbetôlê non doto bonon dô – Enin wêson bô yin donouwé dô djidé – manon savo omin – Souci mana demin nin – Wa mininin dokpô – Wa Mini dô dokpô – Tegbê, tegbê, tegbê
I just want U inside o’ my life inside o’ my dreams – Inside o’ my arms inside o’ me – This tension’s steadily buildin’ up 2 the point I can’t stop – The spark from ignitin’ the fire inside o’ my heart – When my eyes spot U I got the feelin’ reality is fadin’ in2 memories  – I wanna keep tellin’ my grandchildren 2 teach’em what really matters in life – Like can U make somebody happy in life? – 2 give’em something that I found inside U – hope – & make’em believe that everyone got this feelin’ inside o’ their soul  – & that the day we find this in somebody else is more – Precious than the weight o’ the world in gold – Which is what I can see in the depth o’ your big brown eyes – Every mornin’ from now till the end o’ time cuz I Won’t – never never never ever ever ever let u go cuz I know now

Feelin’ Alright


u are happy & u don’t know why – & the only thing U know is that u feelin’ alright 
This the new golden 20’s we about 2 bring the funk back – Multi-generational Funk that derives from the soul – Yo we get high from that soul – We ain’t playing just becuz we ain’t got none else 2 do – Abstract innovative educated instrumentalist – Fueled by inspiration of the Jazz-Funk-Veteranz – Mixed with empirically sophisticated messages – Lyrically perfected by the extravagant Rappin-Kid – Better than your average but never disrespectin‘em – Talented intelligent but still constantly practicin’ – Humble never arrogant continuously learnin’ man – Grown with a child-like fascination 4 the life we in – Life-style conscious rhyme-style new shit – My styles defined by positive new sense – NuBreeze NuVibes NuBeats NuHighs – New ways o’ showin’ U some hope in these new times
I’m just askin’ ‘bout how u feel – How u feelin’ tonight? – Alright
Mido réponse ô bona nami dinya!? – Noudé Yin kambiô mi ô niyin – Yê do résponse ô bona nami dinya!? – Hodé Yin kambiô mi ô niyin – Nouéson bô Yin kambiô min – Mi houto bolèvô se bo – Yê non fon Afonou nonto yadji  – Kaka bô – Sanakou – Anon t’adjôwawê bô Akouwè mademin – Ye non do vit’wé lè yan son Wehomin. – Mindelè nondo fidé non to aviya wè – Mindelè nondo fidé mamon nounadou – Aka non kambiô yêdeya!? – Aka non kambiô yêde dô fide ya tonson wa a!? – Aka non kambiô yêdeya!? – Aka non kambiô yêde dô fide ya tonson wa a!? – Honga hé Yi na se noumi diye – Mi houto bolèvô sebo – Dan e mado assike mahou wê non yan soukpê na – Minhé mado mindé mahou wè non tchwê – Enin wêson midjekoli bohodê – Na Mahou mahon devi Eton lê gba



I can’t breathe I don’t know what I got into – It’s so unreal I just wait till I wake – cuz this gotta prove wrong – Yeah I know I do wrong sometimes – But it’s too long I haven’t been talking’ 2 u – So what u gone? – cuz I can’t hear ur voice anymore – Though we live on the same building on the same floor – In the same bed what do u do this 4? – u seem 2 ignore did I miss the point it broke in2 pieces? – & now our peace is gone – But hold on why didn’t u just tell me This’ wrong? – When I told u something that might hurt u cuz – I really can’t remember thus I try so hard 2 do – But certainly it’s so hard 2 get 2 u now – When I open my eyes we in a drought – & it’s too strong 2 see u – It’s gettin’ darker u fade – Things fell apart & the last piece remainin’ is my faith in art – It’s on GOD
Let go & come here – Watch your worries disappear – Everything is covered in snow well I can’t wait 2 go outside – Since everything is covered in snow – Let go
Sometimes it’s hard 2 find the right words – If u try too hard 2 find & write words – Then u question urself if it might work – But if u question urself then it might hurt – As well as it might hurt 2 make the mic work – Spendin’ a whole lifetime 2 make ur rhymes worth – 2 be heard by folks u don’t even know but u wanna reach – cuz u wanna teach all of his children – So u wanna keep buildin’ & builin’ & never destroy – 2 contribute 2 givin’ cause 2 rejoice – cuz that’s all u ever wanted 2 do – Since bein’ a youth find nice ways of speaking truth – & though the truth might hurt – at last it’ll be worth if it set u free – please remember these words – So if u work it will be worth the time – & if u should ever doubt it – remember these lines

All Over The World


All over the world they be consumin’ this message – No matter the language no matter the color – Together we stand as we spread this all over the atlas – Stressin’ that we’re one people from a tribe called love – Equally blessed by one love we stand under – Holdin’ hands as the rain drops are pourin’ down our umbrella – u remember that? the butterflies we had – The 1st night the 1st kiss the 1st love the 1st time – u really smelled the spring time comin’ – The flowers bloom – Sun set & ur pretty face in the light o’ the moon – Good god how could I ever forget – How could I ever forget u & me & the precious times we had – the moments we share – & though I don’t usually look back – Sometimes I just gotta be there – & when I return I always bring this one thing along – The relentless inspiration that got me writin’ more songs &
Keep on doin’ it doin’ it now – Keep on doin’ it now – Everybody say douwé – Doin’ it now – Keep on doin’ it now – All over the world – scream Doin’ it now – Keep on doin’ it now – C’mon doin’ it now – Keep on doin’ it now
Ah keep on doing it now – Fide kpekpe yê Kade do Gahiho elô min – Seho é Yin to didô – Do Gbè elô min – Gbetô vovo wê mi yin – Do Gbè elô min – walô vovo wê Mido – Enin wêson bô Yin ma non caractériser mindé gbon Walô eton lê min gba – Na o_gbetô wê mi Yin – O_gbetô wê mi yin – Minwi minvô – houn wêdo Homin na wè – Houn wêdo Homin na yin – Houn wêdo homin na yé – Houn wêdo Homin na mi – Enin wêson bô Agbasa vovo mimanon différencier o – Mi non’kpô ena lê vô yin noudé – Mi non’kpô ena lê vô yin noudé
Springtime’s slowly takin’ town back – NuBreezeProject is givin’ u the soundtrack – Yeah we bring the band back together on a small trip Back 2 earth – away from all the doubts that – Took over ur mind 4 the past couple o’ months – so Now’s the time 2 shake it off ur tired-ass bones y’all – cuz when I get your back off the wall – Back on the floor there’s nothin’ more – Than holla at the band 2 play a little more o’ that 2 & 4 – For u & urs 2 rock with – Here’s your captain speakin’ outta the cockpit – On a flight away from all finances & stock-shit – Away from all the trials and tribulations & crowded – Cities make u feel anonymous – Fill u up with bullshit & u can’t get outta this – Got u feelin’ lonely & u still keep wonderin’ If it’s us or them –  but then I got somethin’ new 4 y’all 2 listen 2 – Open ur window step outta that door – Crowd around I got somethin’ y’all been waitin’ 4 – New sound new vibes NuBreeze & more – Springtime’s knockin’ at ur door so u better – Open up it’s sho ‘nuff  too hot – 2 stay inside let the breeze refresh your mind – & Make you keep on doin’ it



Though this might not be the best thing u’ve ever heard – This is just clever words combined on a level that could hurt – So come check the message birth of the cool resurrected – Uncontested cuz never fightin’ just creatin’ – As opposed 2 the guys hatin’ I rather put my faith in tracks – sharin’ experience like a post-Mecca Malcolm X – Influenced by the greatest & nothin’ less – Usin’em like flavorin’ ingredients by the chef – I spice it up & form a new composition & yes  – I do it cuz I got 2 so y’all can listen 2 that – I put some bliss on the track so u know who 2 turn 2 – Instead o’ bein’ misguided & distracted by drugs guns & checks – Address urself 1st before attackin’ the rest – While addressin’ the problems that stop u from gettin’ ur rest – So we can find a way outta all that political mess – Through meaningful records & peaceful protest
Put ur peace sign up in the air – Wave it from side 2 side like u just don’t care – Everybody put ur peace sign up in the air – Wave it from left 2 right like u just don’t care – & just vibe with me
Noudokpo e mi hinwa ,mima se kpon gbéde – Mi doto mi , mi doto mi  minalè vô se – Akoulounon wê se hangbé lomi lomi nou mi – Mioulê Kanon bolo freestyle – Mido didô noumi mi na lê vô do sisé – Enatchêna mi enatchêna mi do finin – Noueson bô miwa fiô minalè vô nami – Na Miyon mahouton edo mihoulê min wê – Sinvoulou de kpekpe mikasewa do finin ô, sinvoulou eninlêbi , eninlêbi na lè vôvô – Miyi hwegbé mina yi do dagbé dji – Miyi hwegbé mina yi do wanini dji – Akoulounon, akoulounon wê se mi wa la – Enin wêson bô mi non do Familie min do finin – Familie min toukala ma na demin – Novi min toukala mana demin – Fofo min toukala mana demin
u do it 4 the cheeks u do it 4 the checks – I got the feelin’ u doin’ it 4 the side-effects – The lies & sexism that build ur image up – While I do it cuz I got 2 this ain’t a image cous’ – This is our heritage the knowledge that we passed on – 4 generations through education & jazz songs – Lines on a canvas poetry pictures milestones – The energy u sense if you listen 2 Miles’ tone – What wakes u up in the mornin’ & don’t allow – u to go to bed @ night & keeps you jugglin’ with vowels – Till u create allusion through elision like a magician – On the freshest compositions through the collisions o’ sounds – & thoughts & characters on the music u play live – Sprung from your imagination but now it turns alive – Through musicians combined with ur original vision – Set 2 rhythm all o’ this 4 y’all 2 grab some wisdom 
Vibe vibe vibe with me



Gimme someone 2 talk 2 & I’ll find some words – Just need 2 start 2 walk through & some o’ these things occur – as if I was a magnet attractin’ through interactin’ – Till More & more fragments gravitate towards my rappin’ – & this just happens uncontrolled – Like I take off levitate without no ground control – But hell I found control not in what where & why it’s comin – But in findin’ ways to form it how I wanna form it – Knowin’ certainly U don’t ever know where U goin’ – But that u can decide which road or way U take is what I try showin’ – & now  I’m just hopin’ that u can find some hope in – What flows out o’ me everytime I decide 2 open – Cuz there is nothing I prefer 2 sharing my inside – cuz every time I try I start to realize – What’s inside o’ me is inside o’ everyone that writes – Everyone that loves yeah simply everyone that tries – Everyone with eyes they use 2 fantasize & use 2 teach the blind – On how they get insight & how the truth’s 2 rise – If we just stop 2 televise & start to realize – There’s so much more 2 find if we just go outside – Becuz the world is ours – Noviché turn it on – becuz the world is ours
Nonvi nonvi tché – Akoulounon nase Dègbé towé – Mahou nasse dègbé towé – Na mahou dokpo wê Mido – Jesus dokpo wê mi do la – Akoulounon dokpo wê Mido – Hala hala dokpo wê Mido – do gbèemin
Shit’s just pourin’ out o’ me sometimes I think I got the runs – Sick or maybe even possessed by a whole lotta fun – Open doors & pave the way 4 me so I just gotta run – I think I got a run one that one can stop me from – So I’m gonna tell the world about what I was thinkin’ about – Right before I write words and toss ‘em 2 the crowd – Hopin’ y’all catch up with some o’ mines – So let me summarize what happened inside my mind in this summer night – My train o’ thought was if there could ever be a situation in which I possibly feel better about – Myself the world I’m in the ones around me everything I could imagine then exactly this moment o’ time I’m in right now – & this is how this question answered all of his own kind – Hope my food 4 thought helped u 2 whet ur appetite  – Peace – Noviché won’t U sing it with me one time
U gimme the butterflies – make me wanna fly – Fly



& I just can’t stop – & I just don’t want – Any1 but U – With me – & I just can’t stop – & I just don’t want – Any1else – Any1 but U
Yê wê yin mintché – Yê wê yin mintché – Yê wê yin mintché, nonvi yê wê yi mintché – De yin wa To e min,To e min mikadeô – Yin non do honton din,yin non do gbetô lê din la – Yin ma toun fidé yékayi,yin ma toun fide yekayi – bô yin non dô nouwé dô nonvi, yin wa monwe – Yin monwe léô bô mimon midelê do finin – Wanini mahou wê se do mioulè min – Houhonnon mahou wê se do mioulè min – Awajije mahou wê sedo mioulè min – Enin wêson bô Yin do nouwé dô djidé – Mikadjè fide dokpô houhonnon miton lè non demin – Minon  hin do finin bô gbètôlè non mon mi wê – Ye mon mi leô  houhonnon yeton lè non dô – Bô ye non mon mahou yenon mon awajije bonon mon miyon houhonnon wè elê vô yi
Since u stepped in2 my life I really never felt as blessed – I feel this deep inside o’ my chest – & I’m about 2 let it out so get ready & be ‘ware – I swear I feel conceivably better since u’re here with me – & never without cuz I ain’t gon’ leave ur side – 2 make sure I never miss ur smile – Every time u & I get close again – & watch the sun rise while fallin’ deeper everyday – I can’t deny the change I been through – Since then when I look at me now I got tears in my eyes – who Thought a man could ever grow so fast in2 the light – He been lookin’ 4 so long or am I just a mirror – Knowin’ I never been so powerful no matter 4 better or worse times – is Somethin’ I seriously consider now – Cuz I can’t picture myself with any1else anyway – So let’s try & pray 4 it 2 last cuz I
4 better or worse times I hope I find lines 2 express my life’s hopeless without u – Cuz all I write now is inspired by The way ur eyes shine when u look in2 mine – 4 better or worse times I hope I find lines 2 express my life’s hopeless without u – Cuz all I write now is inspired by The way ur eyes shine when u look in2 mine – My sunrise when I think the dark is closin’ in – There is this hope within my heart tellin’ me it’s alright – Cuz as long as I ain’t leave ur side – There is no reason 2 believe this is ever gon’ change cuz I – Ain’t about 2 stop 2 hug u when it’s cold – & we fall in2 this dream like leaves in the fall – Till time stops & all we have left is us – My god I finally found love cuz now I got u

Put It On


2 brothas in rhyme – Check one NuBreeze – Check 2 Awajije – Mic check check check – Alright alright alright ok – alright ok – Mibo doto nonvitché – NuBreeze
Charismatic entertainers drop amazing flavors – Of contagious rhyme poetry blowin’ straight out the speakers – Paintin’ the auditory pavement of ur hood in everchangin’ layers – Of kaleidoscope-esk rhythm & rhyme Paisleys & daisies  – innovative preservation of native tongue arrangement influenced bass & drums – brother spit in native tongue 2 make U finally hear that we all raised by the native drums – one love – one heart steady poundin’ on the same one
AWAJIJE wafi bô mina lè vô doto – Noukondji wê mi nonde bonon bè music – Lyric miton lè non lè vô nondo saya – Mahou wê nami bô enon do Taka min na Mi – Freestyle wè enami bô Yin non lè vô bolo – Mido sise wè do finin enalèvô yon – Wanini nalè vô biô Yin min tegbê – Wanini na lè vô Bio mimin tegbê
Ride Vibe till ur high never comes down – c’mon & Ride vibe till ur mental painting become – One of a kind the true visualization o’ this vibe – Give u the best o’ both sides feedin’ the booty & mind – The tails & the heads no longer have 2 choose between either – Equally moved though heights of depth in lyrics & groove – Groove mitolès do saya  – Cuz we on the move – E non wezon bo min non do wèdou hami bo fimè wèmè – So Put It On
Mi Na Sè Bolo Nè Vo Candemè – Put It On – Mi Na Sè Bolo Nè Vo Candemè – one more time
I wasn’t even sure if I should send this out 2 the world – But now that I am chillin’ with my girl I’m thinkin’ – Maybe this is meant 2 be 4 bigger reasons – The biggest season ‘bout 2 be finally comin’ when the sun is beamin’ – ‘Bout 2 be finally back on the court with my homies & shoot some hoops – & think about some o’ the days at the time in which there were only good ones – When we not understood ones not able 2 come out & play – Come out 2 work not even know that we are doin’ & simply stayed – Outside all & every night cuz we been not yet taught how 2 worry – Nothin’ but here & now on our minds so we write history – Willin’ or not no doubt that what we did was what we doin’ – Knowin’ now that it is still influencin’ all my doin’s – All my childhood memories as beautiful as the sea – Every day I can see that I was blessed 2 believe – All of I received o’ power love & magic – & all those things that made me chose things – Made me who I am today when I sing
Put It On – sé candemè sé candemè sé candemè



Still in the same spot hip hop – See what rhymes are travelin’ through my mind – Travelin’ through time space is remaining – Traveling Miles – Spacy invasion of blues that turn out 2 be green – Practicin’ intentional livin’ in what people could only see as a dream – y’all see what I mean – Intoxicated by chords when the listenin’ starts – When the listeners hearts finally open 4 more – 4 me would u open ur door let me inside – 4 u through art I’d restore u 2 life – Make u my wife – even more I make u my light – I make u alright – my sight 4 sore eyes Got me cypher all night
Ans stope mi gba – te bose Alô y’aga – Viwa – Enin weson mi tchité Bose Alô y’aga – Te bose Alô y’aga – Viwa – viwa – aha 
write – still up in the zone – Tell me we can get it on girl – Now knowin’ u a grown girl – Though u are still livin’ in ur own world – Every description u’re giving in ur remarkable own words – Is sort o’ liftin’ me up – Till I reach my highest ground – Do I need 2 be blind 2 see – Through love I am now so now u can rely on me – So u are mines 2 keep – Every breath I take I dedicate 2 u – The way I operate I elevate u & ur faith – Until u say u are amazed about the grace our father gave – 2 motivate & innovate & celebrate all of what’s great – & educate the frustrated till they can let go of their hate
Yo aviwa ahan – Mi wafi bokado didô noumi dô miwa – Mido handji Weô , milè na do wedouwê – Mido wedouweô ,milè na do  handjiwê – Mi sehou miton , fide milè Kadeô – Mi nado hodô noumi ,Mi nalè vô do noukowè – Minado awajije  min ,bonado handji wèmin – Milè wa fiô ,minanondo homin houhou min – Midokpè bona non akpô , bona djihan, bona djaya, bona douwé ,bona wangogo,bona dougbè – Enin wêson bô Yin dô noumi dô djidé  Ogbèô do fi – Gbèômin madjolo stress de nin – Mioulè maka non do stress de nin – Mindé kpé kpé Manon bolo stress de nin – Enin wêson bô Yin dô nouwé dô dagbé wê n’yin – Bô Mahou do Mioulê de, bô Mioulê na lè vô yi noukon.


Throwin‘ Hip Hop


This one is the healer we about 2 bring it 2 ya – If u feel us throw yo hands up – This one is the healer we about 2 bring it 2 ya – If you feel us throw yo hands up & clap – We throw some hip hop
We throw some hip hop 2 show u where it’s at my dear – All o’ this just 2 make u take in this atmosphere – 2 eliminate the idea of fear – So we can start freein’ the slave inside u – Pride too & jealousy like I brainwash – Till u stop tellin’ me I wanna be famous – Even if I gotta sound the same as – Everyone else all I want is just a piece o’ the pie – Even if I gotta bend over & lie – Promise me some money & I’m gonna sign – Drugs cash & fame till I die – what U think about that – oh no – sit back Chill out & breath in – Start listen 2 the song u carry within – cuz otherwise u will burry ur friends – A coffin is that what u in2 – After all the shit u been through – I don’t think so – so u should overthink the whole situation – If u wanna improve check ur priorities 1st – Then raise yo hands up 2 the sky – & Let the healer take over yo mind – We throw some Hip Hop



Mèlèkpo nibodo nouho – Mèlèkpo nibo d’awaje – Mèlèkpo nibodo hiho – Mèlèkpo nibodo  nouko – Mèlèkpo nibodo wedou – Mèlèkpo nibodo hiho – Mèlèkpo nibodo biblo – Do Nouko do Nouko do Nouko do nouko
An do Nouko – Bodeou bonon do nouko wèla – Ado nouko kintô lè na monwé – Yenahon bona lè di hêssi – Ha Ye monwé leô homin yeton lè nahou – Ye monwé leô awajè wê ye nanon de la – Enin wêson bô Yin dô nouwé dô djidé – Enayon nouwé Nonvi tché wêmin – Kintô lè manadou do midji nin – Ye monmi leô , ye na mon Mahou – Ye monmi  leô , ye na mon awajije – Enin wêson bô Yin dô nouwé dô mahou wê seh miwa – Miwa fiô mi na dô nouyé – Bô minon do nouko wê – Bo non do wedou wê – Bonon do awajèwê – Bonon do handji wêla – Midehou Midehou – Midehou wèson 
When shadows are long & times almost standin’ still – Lookin’ at the circle in the sky got me havin’ chills – u know I’m havin’ bills all the way back home – But now that I’m on the road all o’ this is gone – It feels fresh like a freshman at the Sorbonne – Droppin’ new perspectives every time my mic is on – I’m in my comfort-zone might not be the righteous zone – But rather the writers zone where writer’s feelin’s is mighty strong – & even stronger is the desire 2 write some more – So y’all rest assured that this will always be goin’ on – & I can’t wait 2 see the art that’s comin’ at me tomorrow – The next thing that inspires me 2 write down some mo’ songs – & leavin’ me the impression that peer-pressure has stopped – & Hip Hop is finally unitin’ under the idea of expression – Finally free of oppression in art fightin’ the oppressors – & givin’ lessons 2 those who open enough to get rid of – Social stamps by those who been willin’ 2 degrade us – People – got us payin’ for centuries  – introducin’ fallacies About inequality only as a means to justify their hierarchy – But we ain’t gon’ buy it no matter how much they advertise – Even if the whole mainstream got ur values internalized – We ain’t gon’ compromise & make use of our own minds – & put these feelings in music of its own kind
Mèlèkpo nibo d’wajè – Mèlèkpo nibodo hiho – Mèlèkpo nibodo  doudou – Mèlèkpo nibodo kiko – Mèlèkpo nibo d’anouho – Mèlèkpo nibo d’wajè – Mèlèkpo niboka déhou – Do Nouko do Nouko do Nouko do Nouko
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