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freestyle video out

  a school bus, two languages, & a whole lotta freestyle bars - can't say much more...  check the video here! stay tuned + keep bouncin',  NBP 

live video out

  hey fam, see us perform a new song live with the legendary Frank Itt! & a special shout out 2 our friends Pumpkin & Vin's Da Quero, who shared the stage with us that night. make sure...

animation video out

hey guys, we just released our first animation video on youtube 2 announce our gig @ the st. wendeler stadtfest on june15 with very special guest performances! make sure u come 2 the concert cuz we...

debut single out

we finally released our debut single + music video!!! see the video here https://soundcloud.com/nubreezeproject/pumpyolove listen here





























Tha Family

brice bartone aka NuBreeze

spiritual leader…whatever comes in2 my mind

rodolpho azankpo aka Awajije

african brother n°1…vocals

christof thewes

bringin‘ the jazzy vibes…trombone

mario bartone


frank itt

xtra funk…bass

philippe fiotte

straight from NYC…drums & percussions

mircea brandstädter

director of photography

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