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1st Merch Collection

1st Merch Collection

shop the collection here:   hey fam, it's official! we used the pandemic 2 produce our 1st merch collection printed @ the NuBreezeHeadquarters (so...at home). Shirts are made of 100% certified organic cotton & powered by renewable energy & printed by us (the...

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freestyle video out

freestyle video out

  a school bus, two languages, & a whole lotta freestyle bars - can't say much more...  check the video here! stay tuned + keep bouncin',  NBP 

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live video out

live video out

  hey fam, see us perform a new song live with the legendary Frank Itt! & a special shout out 2 our friends Pumpkin & Vin's Da Quero, who shared the stage with us that night. make sure 2 check their stuffs out here: http://www.mentalow.com/fr/ stay tuned,...

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by Mircea Brandstädter




























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Tha Family

Brice „NuBreeze“ Bartone

spiritual leader – whatever comes in2 my mind

Mario Bartone

daddy – 9stringbass

Christof Thewes

bringin‘ the jazzy vibes – trombone

Extended Family…

Rodolpho „Awajije“ Azankpo

brother in rhyme – african vocals

Frank Itt

xtra funk – bass

Philippe Fiotte

straight from NYC – drums & percussions

Mircea Brandstädter

director of photography

Info about the Band:

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